Zinc Stearate


Zinc Stearate Dioxide rendered lightweight fine white powder, flammable, ignition point 900 ℃, with a warm smell, a density of 1.095g / CM3. Insoluble in water, alcohol, ether, soluble in hot ethanol, turpentine, benzene and other organic solvents and acids. It will be heated and dissolved in an organic solvent become cold gelatinous body, the case of decomposition of stearic acid and corresponding zinc salts, water absorption, no toxicity.


Quality Index

Color white
Zn% 10.2-11.2
Free acid ≤%
melting point≥% 118

Product Usage
① used as a PVC stabilizer. Barium-cadmium soap complexes, mainly used in soft products, is characterized by initial coloration can be suppressed to avoid sulfide pollution;
② used as styrene (polystyrene and ABS, AS resin), phenolic resins, amino resins and plastics and other heat-cured polyester plasticizers, transparent products such as lubricants and release agents;
③ rubber industry, as rubber lubricants and anti-blocking agent.
④ as a cosmetic ingredient for powder cosmetics to enhance adhesion and lubricity.

⑤ can be used for textiles lighting agent, enamel paint and flatting agents.

Zinc Stearate technical parameter

Product name  Zinc Stearate
Molecular formula C36H20O4Zn
CAS number 557-05-1
EINEC number 209-151-9
Density(g/cm2) 1.08
Heating reduction ≤1%

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